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Premium Smartphone Gamepad
Premium Smartphone Gamepad
Premium Smartphone Gamepad
Premium Smartphone Gamepad
Premium Smartphone Gamepad
Premium Smartphone Gamepad

Premium Smartphone Gamepad

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This Premium Smartphone Gamepad is a full featured gamepad with 14 buttons, two joysticks, and a directional pad. Finally, a full gamepad without limits for mobile devices! 

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Gaming on your mobile device can be hard, touchscreens are cumbersome and innacurate. Thankfully, there's a way to transform your compatible, Android, or iOS device into a fully-fledged gaming experience! Use the Wireless Smartphone Gamepad to take total control over games on your mobile device and crush your enemies.


Connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth. Enjoy an easy-to-use gamepad with the freedom of wireless!


Built-in Lithium Battery, for a total charge of 2 to 3 hours, enjoy your controller for more than 40 hours.


Compatible with any Mobile/Tablet format, Keep your favorite games in your pocket.

The Royale™ Controller is for the ambitious gamer seeking an advantage over the competition. Specifically optimized for Battle Royale, the Royale Controller™ will make you dominate the field and secure your Victory Royale easier than ever before! 

  • The Ultimate Phone Game Companion: Supports not only Battle Royale games but hundreds of other gaming titles. 
  • Connects to Bluetooth 3.0 enabled devices, including support of Android, MAC OSX, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and MORE!
  • The Royale Controller™ Phone Arm supports any phone or tablet up to 6 inches, meaning you can play however and whenever you want!
  • Charges via Micro-USB with one charge lasting up to 30 hours!
  • Mainly designed with Battle Royale games in mind for the ultimate mobile gaming experience with buttons and size optimized for maximum comfort!



Read before purchase:

  • This product will ask you to install apps and games provided by the developer.
  • If you are using an Android phone, it may ask you to enable debug mode for your smartphone.
  • For Android users: If you still can't use the controller after activating Bluetooth connectivity, you need to download an app by scanning the supplied QR code to download the Chick Simulator in the instruction manual and download games from there to play.
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