TGG RCH11 Delux

Delux TGG RCH11 Sensor Gaming Mouse 12000 DPI 12000FPS 7 Buttons RGB Backlight Wired Fire Mouse For FPS Gamer

TGG ST9700 Havit Pro

Headphones with aptX & AAC Bluetooth audio codecs making it preferable for both Android & iOS users.

TGG ZUOYA Gaming Mouse Pad

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True Gamer Gear

  • TGG RCH11 Delux
    TGG RCH11 Delux
    True RCH11 DeluxW3360 Sensor Gaming Mouse 12000 DPI 12000FPS 7 Buttons RGB Backlight Wired Fire Mouse For FPS Gamer

    Brand Name: True
    Type: Wired
    Operation Mode: Opto-electronic
    Time to market: Apr-14
    Gross Weight: 164g
    Style: Finger
    Number of Rollers: 1
    Model Number: M625 A3050
    Hand Orientation: Right
    Package: Yes
    Power Type: Rechargeable
    Number of Buttons: 7
    Interface Type: USB
    DPI: 4000
    5 gear DPI: 800/1200/1600/2500/4000
    FPS: 6600
    ACC: 20G
    Polling rate: 125/250/500/1000Hz
    Voltage: 5V
    Current: 200mA
    Cable Length: 1.8M

  • TGG ZUOYA Gaming Mouse Pad
    TGG ZUOYA Gaming Mouse Pad
    ZUOYA Gaming Mouse Pad Anti-slip Natural Rubber Computer Mousepad Mouse Pad for CS GO LOL DOTA Gamer

    Brand Name: ZUOYA
    Material: Rubber
    Model Number: zuoya mouse pad
    Products Status: Stock
    Package: No
    Style: Non-slip
    Size Detail 1: 250x290MM,300x700MM,400x900MM
    Size Detail 2: 300x600MM,300x700MM,300x800MM,400x900MM
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    description 6: mat game,keyboard pad,gaming pad,big mousepad,mat for mouse
    description 7: mouse mat gaming,pad mouse,gamer mouse pad,mat,desk pad
    Size Option: S,M,L,XL

  • TGG ST9700 Havit Pro
    TGG ST9700 Havit Pro

    True ST9700 | Pro Gaming Headset


    Introducing the True ST9700 Gaming Headset – This gaming headset features 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound that is able to provide a slight advantage

    of pinpointing and forestalling your opponents during the game. Combine the surround sound experience with the cutting edge vibration technology and you will instantly turn your games into an almost life-like experience. Spells, explosions, gunfires and loud sounds will create a vibration that will be delivered to you realistically and accurately through the headset.

    Plus, the high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone provides crystal clear communication with your friends & teammates during chaotic gameplay.

    In addition, it doesn't just provide you with an amazing gaming experience, but it sounds absolutely phenomenal while listening to music & watching movies.


    The ST9700 Headset provides the comfort, sound quality and durability needed for hours of gameplay. Ultimate Comfort & Quality An ergonomic design, plush memory foam and adjustable earcups provide exceptional comfort. The solid build quality of the ensures long term durability. Superior Sound Quality Get a superb 360º experience with the headset. Experience all the action coming in all directions. Virtual 7.1 surround sound delivers immersive multi-channel positional audio on PC that puts you in the middle of the action. Crystal Clear Microphone Advanced noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality. This ensures that background noises do not interfere with your in-game coordination. Play with the confidence that your microphone and audio drivers have been tested and evaluated for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound. Easy Control Easy access volume and mute controls for adjustments on the fly.


TGG ST9700 Havit Pro

Delux M625 PMW3360 Sensor Gaming Mouse 12000 DPI 12000FPS 7 Buttons RGB Backlight Wired Fire Mouse For FPS Gamer

TGG ZUOYA Gaming Mouse Pad

Zuoya gaming mouse pad extra large mouse pad with edge anti-slip mousepad keyboard pad mouse pad for cs go dota 2 laptop

Recent Reviews


I had cosmic byte gaming mouse which comes in same price, I thought that would be best gaming mouse in that price. But after using this mouse, this is best for me. Quality of plastic used is better in this mouse.

William   Gaming Mouse

I have been using this mouse and I would say it's an overall good mouse for the given price, but the 3200DPI mentioned in the description is fake and not true. It has only 3 dpi profiles. It goes up to 1800 DPI max.

Lucas   Gaming Mouse

Good product for the price tag. Previously used Logitech mouse with battery which was very good and replaced that mouse with this. So far it is good and hope it will par with my old mouse. 

Noah   Gaming Mouse

I have small hands so I am pretty picky in finding mice that feel comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The feel, size and placement of the side buttons on this mouse is perfect. 

Liam   Gaming Mouse

I brought this product with great excitement, but seems like I have been cheated. This product claims that it will work but it doesn't unless its alaways connected to a charger. Once you remove, bam it doesnt work at all. 

Benjamin   Gaming Mouse